Rules & Terms

Dear Guest

Hotel Alexander’s Management and Staff are glad to welcome you in our structure and would like to give you knowledge of our rules & terms. Please read carefully the following regulations and guidelines that every guest must follow in order not to disturb or to damage anyone else or the location. Our structure is more than anything else a place were you and other guest have chosen for your stay : for this reason we kindly  ask you to treat it how you would take care of your abode (residence/house).  For a propose of a better way of living together we kindly also ask you to follow not only the rules stablished by law but also those stablished by good sense and by common respect, for everybody’s interest.

Check-In & Check-Out

  • Guest are kept to consign at their arrival their own ID for acceptance.
  • It is not allowed, for Public Safety Reasons, to guests to give to other people access to the structure, to the rooms in any hour of the day, beside Management’s  authorization and consignment of ID.
  • The Hotel’s Rooms are available from 2.00 P.M of the arrival date and must be left free within 11.00 A.M of the departing day. Any eventual Late Check-Out must be notified and agreed in advance with Hotel Alexander’s Management.

Children and Underage

  • Parents and Relatives ( or who is directly responsible ) are responsible for anything done by their underage children inside the Hotel’s structure and are kept to supervise them, not to leave them alone inside the rooms and around the structure and must ensure that they behave correctly so not to compromise other guest’s stay, particularly, about the respect of silence, about the correct use of bathrooms and of all the accessorizes and facilities provided by our structure to guests.


  • Room Cleanings are done every day, if room left free from guest, during the following day times : 10.00 AM – 2.00 PM . In case room isn’t left free,  cleaning will be done the next day.

Dogs and Small animals

  • All small size animals are welcome. All owners are gently asked to clean where they dirty and are responsible for damages caused by them.

Breakfast and Hygienic – Food Safety

  • Breakfast will be done in the breakfast hall or in the near by Patio from 7.30 AM to 10.00 AM.
  • It is not allowed to guest to take out of the Hotel food and drinks served for breakfast.
  • In order to provide hygienic-food safety it’s prohibited to guests to introduce inside the hotel’s rooms food and drinks not authorized by Hotel’s Management.

Damages and Steals

  • Who will damage the structure, furniture,  facilities etc etc, is considered legally responsible with applicable laws. Intentional Steals and damages will be immediately reported. During check out our staff will check all rooms and costs of eventual damages or loss of keys will be charged and must be deposited during check out, total amounts will be calculated depending on damages.
  • It is prohibited to take outside of the Hotel’s structure anything found inside the rooms, bathrooms or in any other room / hall of the Hotel, the value of objects that have been stolen will be charged to customers.

Noises & Rest

  • At any time of the day, inside the structure, behaviors, activities, games and use of devices that may disturb other guests must be avoided, especially from 11 PM to 8 AM and from 2.00 PM to 4 PM , while rest is expected. Please do not slam doors but gently close them; if you get back late please close the door of your room gently and do not keep Tv volume high; small tips to avoid to disturb who is already resting.

Security and Values

  • Every Room is provided with safety box: the key will be provided at the Reception, the Hotel Alexander  ’s Management isn’t liable about missing objects and /or values of guests.

Doctor and Infectious Diseases

  • Emergency Numbers and First Care Phone numbers can be required at Reception
  • All Infectious Disease must be immediately communicated at the Management.

Exceptions and Changes

Hotel Alexander’s Management reserves the discretion to change this document in order to ensure that all services work appropriately, posted at Hotel Alexander’s Reception and published on our website.

Non-Compliance to one or more points of this document and of the rules described, can bring to resolving this contract with relative economic and legal consequences, beside Public Authorities report cases where non-compliance can be considered illegal.

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